Tuesday, 18 October 2016

MyLucky123.com Removal Working Guide

Brief analysis on MyLucky123.com

Mylucky123.com is a browser hijacker program that make changes in your default set home page of your installed web browsers to www.Mylucky123.com domain address. This hijacker does this by altering your normal browsers shortcuts that point towards batch files stored in the %AppData% folder on your system. Then these shortcuts will redirect the selected browser to the Mylucky123.com as homepage. When this browser hijacker is installed on your system it will create a batch files for your installed browsers in the %AppData% folder. For example, if Google Chrome is installed then it will create the C:\ProgramData\Google Chrome.lnk.batfile and if you Firefox installed it will create C:\ProgramData\Mozilla Firefox.lnk.bat. Then this virus changes browser shortcuts on your device to pointed at these batch files. So that it automatically goes to Mylucky123.com and these batch files will then open the browser.

How did i get infected with MyLucky123.com/My Lucky Search

The method of propagation of MyLucky123.com is quite tricky to get into your PC. This hijacker can be comes with third-party installation programs and may be got inside your system by visiting any suspicious domains such as porn sites, torrents, malicious pop-ups and many more ways. My Lucky Search program can also intrude into the targeted system while Updating existing programs/applications from any unauthenticated redirected links and Peer-to-Peer sharing of files over Internet, by playing online games, downloading pirated software from unreliable sites, by use of infected media devices or external devices. Users are always in a hurry to so they generally install with express install option that why infection comes on the system as an additional program so always read EULA(End User License Agreement) and choose custom install option to install new software on your system.

Manual Removal instruction for MyLucky123.com or My Lucky Search

You may get detection information of this very malicious virus on your computer system but you will not be able to remove it completely. In order to uninstall MyLucky123.com you can either go for manual steps or you can also opt for a reliable anti-malware application as well. Manual removal steps has given below you can follow these steps and get rid off MyLucky123.com. Steps are :

Remove the browser hijacker homepage from Google Chrome :

Click on Google Chrome Menu option and choose settings

Then after a new window will open now tap on Set pages sub menu of startup.

Then after you can see the message box that opened below. Now click X (cancel) icon to remove the infected start-up page link.

After that comes on Setting window and click Change link under Appearance.

Delete the infected homepage link http://mylucky123.com/. Then you can write other web address as your default homepage and tap on OK button.

Now Go to Manage search engines option to replace your default search engine.

After that search out MyLucky123.com and delete it.